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Loewe X Pomarius II

In addition to the jewellery pieces produced in the Loewe X Pomarius collaboration, a collection of around 30 pieces were produced for the documentation of the SS21 collection by Loewe. Under creative director Jonathan Anderson, the entire season was launched in an ingenious Covid-safe manner. The Loewe S’how-On-The-Wall’ featured all the still life shoots with Loewe products and Pomarius bronze pieces but in a giant wall paper format. The self contained 'kit' was complete with the paste and Loewe branded brush to put up the papers if so desired. The curated kit also came with the musical score to accompany an in-person presentation and the full SS21 collection in a printed catalougue.

Producing the accompanying still life pieces in a combination of verdigris and raw bronze became the focus of the ‘Covid summer' at the studio. In addition to pieces I’ve cast before, I was able to play with requests for banana peels and peeled oranges.

It was a tremendous surprise to be summoned again this year by Loewe, this time to produce a delightful extension to the still life concept in the form of a ‘fruits de mer’ collection - oysters (complete with juicy oyster interior), lobster, crab and scallops. Lemons and olives too, to complete a fruit de mer culinary spread. These shellfish works are now available at David Linley as limited edition collections in their own right. I'll do a follow up entry with more details on these works down the line...

It’s always a pleasure to be able to experiment with new pieces or ideas, either through personal commission or in a larger collaboration such as this. I would never have imagined that the shell of a crab would lend itself so well to bronze!


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