Three Cornish Gilliflower apples cast in bronze. A very old variety discovered in a cottage garden in Truro in 1800. This variety has been revived after so many old english apple species have been lost. These apples come from an orchard in Cornwall where over 300 varieties of apple are now grown, including some of the last of the old Cornish varieties. A pomarius residency and collection was created there last year. 


These apples have been given a warm, dark red patina which is lifted by a natural wax finish. Apples are roughly 6cm high, 5-6cm across. 


Please select which apple you would like by choosing the number above it (shown in the first image). The price shown is for one apple. 


Sold as part of Made Makers Online 2020. 15% of all sales will be donated to the mental health charity, Mind. 

Cornish Gilliflower Apples