Every work within a Pomarius collection is a unique bronze cast produced through an adaptation of the Italian or Renaissance Lost Wax process. The works are the result of various collaborations with gardens, historical locations and ancient trees in the UK.

Seasonal collections are cast and finished at the artist’s studio in Suffolk with personal casting commissions also available for the dedicated gardener.

Upcoming Exhibitions & Virtual Fairs

Pomarius collections are currently available to buy through a limited number of outlets. A list of upcoming exhibitions and talks from the studio, both online and at different locations in the UK, may be found through the Stockists page. 

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Contact the studio 

For details on personal commissions, recent and past collections and where these words are available, contact the studio directly.


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About Pomarius

The origins of the Pomarius project, its intentions, and the Renaissance Lost Wax casting process. 

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Insights into the studio and some of the locations and influences behind Pomarius collections.