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Pomarius collections are currently available to buy through a limited number of outlets As every collection is unique, the items available through these outlets are all exclusive to each. When working with particular locations, some of the resulting collections will only be available for sale through those sites and will be listed accordingly. Upcoming exhibitions or collaborations are also listed below.  

On occasion, works are available directly from the studio. For further information on upcoming studio sales, subscribe to the studio mailing list here


Current outlets include:

Lyndsey Ingram

20 Bourdon Street

London, W1K 3PJ

David Linley 

60 Pimlico Road

London, SW1W 8LP

The Merchants Table

10 Church Street 

Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1DH

Cambridge Contemporary Art

6 Trinity Street

Cambridge, CB2 1 SU 


32 Highstreet, Broadway

Cotswolds, WR12 7DT

Author Interiors

The Glebe House of Farnell

By Brechin, Angus DD9 6UH


Bamford Summer Craft Feature 'The Tree of Life', Online, 2023, Online (

Linley Spring Exhibition, 24th May - June 30th 2023, London 

Online Studio Store open June 8th - 12th (Access via this website from 6pm BST on Thursday June 8th)

The Merchant's Table Winter Exhibition (further details to follow), October 2023

Bronze Aubergines Pomarius
Crab Apples Pomarius
Pomarius Mushrooms
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