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Interview for Anthophile

The rest of this interview can be found on the Anthophile website here.

Your three favourite flowers?

I’m a fan of Foxgloves; an unfussy Clematis; and Gaura

Tell us about your childhood garden?

It was large with wild edges. We were lucky to have lots of trees to climb. Originally, the property was the doctor’s house, part of an old hospital site. One of the previous occupants had an interest in arboriculture so we had a great many tree varieties forming a sort of thick green wall around the garden and house. A giant silver-birch came down in a storm one night and missed my room by a couple of feet. My favourite spot was an old shed opposite the compost heaps. I’d pretend I lived in there, and that the slatted compost bins were sheep pens.

Who or what inspired your career choice?

I’m not entirely sure. I don’t come from a family of artists but I knew from very early on that I wanted to make my own work. I set my own course very early, I think.

What is a typical day in the life of Alice?

A lot of coffee at the start. Probably quite early in the morning. There may be some sculptures at home I’m finishing off whilst I drink this (can’t seem to keep a boundary between house and studio). The rest of the day normally takes place at my studio in Brandeston. Ideally, it will end with an elaborately cooked meal.

No garden is complete without …


The rest of this interview can be found on the Anthophile website here.


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