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Revisiting Sea Peas

In the colder months of winter, I've been attempting to reorder and sort through work (and chaos) at the studio.

As part of this tidy-up, I finally managed to hang the steel framed pressed Sea Pea specimens I produced a few years ago. These are part of an ever increasing collection of plaster pressed plants I've been gradually making. Now one wall of the studio is lined with them! And I'm hoping future projects will enable me to explore these works further.

The Sea Peas are stained with natural clay and sealed with wax. Since seeing the fossil remains of plants presented in the main entrance of the Natural History Museum an age ago, I've wanted to develop pressed plants as another aspect of this work. In addition to the Sea Peas, I have giant wild Yarrow plants also picked and pressed from the coast in Aldeburgh. Hanging the Sea Peas and generally reordering this blanched herbarium, I'm reminded that I've been meaning to cast some of these larger works. Whether in one go, or as a combination of plates, I'm yet to decide - but the idea of them weathering outside (or even been gradually worn away by footfall) has stayed with me. Hopefully this year will be the year I'm able to finally see this realised!


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