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The Roux Waterside Inn, Bray

Images of some of the works commissioned by the Roux’s Waterside Inn, shown in their final places. These sculptures sit in groups and as individual pieces on all the tables throughout the space.

The selection of specimens was inspired by the menu. It’s really so wonderful to know how intimately enfolded these sculptures are in the experience of the Waterside now - each guest dining alongside. What a wonderful culinary institution to be a part of!

Alice Andrea Ewing Sculpture Roux Waterside

Alice Andrea Ewing, Sculpture,  Roux Waterside ,

Alice Andrea Ewing Sculpture Roux Waterside

Shown above  - Sweet Dumpling Squash, Girolle Mushrooms and a tied bunch of Rhapsody Wight Garlic. Photo Credit: Ian Dingle


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